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Jupiter the Cat of Enchantment ~ Soul Cat Extraordinaire

Might seem a little crazy, but my cat Jupiter is one of the number one healing and loving beings in my life. He somehow manages to  lift me up when I’m feeling down and can make me smile and laugh even through tears. He’s pretty a amazing cat.

So, I decided to start a FaceBook page for my cat Jupiter, in order to test drive the social media matrix, and before launching Creative Healing Practices. To my surprise, I found that that I was once again participating in another self healing practice!

After only a month, Jupiter has now far surpassed me in facebook friends and as of today has 223 page likes.. He has managed to fill my entire social media newsfeed with pretty much the cutest little fur babies and we’ve made so many new amazing cat loving friends that.. well… It’s pretty much all I want to do now.  haha : ) Much more fun than seeing what a friend is eating tonight or the current political uproar.

Continuing to spread the good vibes, Jupiter also now has his very own website: 

Be Here Meow.
From my heArt to yours,

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