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Walk the Labyrinth and Leave Your Troubles Behind…

Labyrinth. Not only is it a beautiful word, it is a beautiful ancient practice that put together the use of – prayer, meditation and walking ,  as a recipe for one to intentionally work with just about any ailment. Walking a labyrinth is a meditational and sacred healing practice, especially when one walks the path as a prayer and with an intention. It is in a way, a small pilgrimage to a holy place ~ where the good kind of magic and healing can happen.

The basic formula for doing this practice it to start at the beginning – the entrance to the labyrinth. This is where one clears the mind and sets an intention. (whatever healing intention one is needing at that moment. Forgive someone, let go of a bad habit or something/someone from the past or heal a physical ailment… etc) This can be for ones self, or on behalf of another’s healing. It can be physical, emotional, metal, spiritual and/or a combo or all of the above.

Once the intention is set, the meditation and prayer is to then to walk the path,  focused solely on the intention and walking towards it.

At a certain point one reaches the center of the labyrinth. This is where the magic happens. In the center is where one leaves all the obstacles to the intention and wishes for it all to move on to the next higher levels of evolution. Leave all the barriers, illnesses, negative energies and imbalances in the center, with the use of one’s intention, visualization and sensing. Once this is done, one then walks back the same path leaving behind all the obstacles to the healing, while walking toward the new reality  and integrating the healed vision. One walks the rest of the labyrinth in full belief that the healing seeds have been planted and that the energy of the prayerful intention is now working its wonders on the given situation. 

When one reached the end, (which turns out to be the same as the beginning), one then exits the labyrinth in full belief, that a healing has occurred.  An internal ‘thank you’ to the divine is always appropriate here.

Don’t have a labyrinth to walk near by…
Walk with me here!

From my heArt to yours,

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