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Zen and the Art of Doodling

Almost sounds like an oxymoron – Zen and the Art of Doodling..?? But really it’s a pretty cool meditation practice. Zen – is a Chinese buddhist word that translates into what is known as meditation. The practice of quieting the mind.



Now, I know you’ve heard of sitting meditation, and maybe you’ve heard of walking meditation.. But have you ever heard of art doodling meditation? Well light a candle, get your sketch book, a pencil or pens and some pencil crayons…

We’re going on a playful art meditation journey designed to quiet your mind and heal your heart!

5 Simple Steps to the Art of Zen Doodling..


  1. Just DO-odle – Don’t think – make simple shapes using a pen or pencil:
  2. Move slow but keep drawing. .
  3. Fill the pagecreating patterns within the shapesIMG_1188
  4. Pay attention to your breath as you doodle.
  5. Add color to the spaces and voila! 


Make it a long term practice and create a whole journal full of just your Zen Doodle Meditations! Each page will be completely different. Add affirmationas and/or mantras while you doodle and double up the healing effects.

If you are feeling down and need some self care boost and creative inspiration..
Zen Doodle!

From my heArt to yours,



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