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The Shamanic Journey: Conscious Dreaming… Healing from the inside out


The shamanic journey is a conscious dream/prayer. If you believe it, fully and completely, and listen to the messages that are sent from your higher self, then let it go and completely surrender, there is a good chance you will experience positive deep results. The power of the shamanic journey is really miraculous and profound!

Shamanic journeying not only a very accessible way to meet your animal spirit guides, but it is also an ancient healing practice that can have amazing health and well being benefits. And who doesn’t want that? Right?

My personal experience goes back many years to when I was 22, and I discovered a lump in my left breast. After getting over my initial fear and anxiety and then through some research and the help of readying Susan Weeds Breast book… I quickly decided that I didn’t want to have a biopsy of the lump to see if it was cancerous or not. That was my decision that I fully own and take responsibility for it. I was so young!… The last thing I needed was to find out I had breast cancer or to have a biopsy that could leave me with life long breast pain… So.. if I wasn’t going to take the traditional western medicine route… what was I going to do??? cuz I knew I had to do something..

And so along came some women that asked if I wanted to join their healing circle. I was gifted my initiation into to the healing practice of shamanic journeying and conscious dreaming. It was this first powerful journey that kept me hooked and I now have a few journals full of recordings of my journeys.

My first shamanic journey…  I lay down and covered my eyes with a scarf. A drum started slowly..boom… boom.. boom.. about every second another boom. while this slow beat was being sounded I imagined and visualized being out on a grassy hill by a big tree next to a good sized hole in the ground that went deep into the earth.  And I prepared myself to jump..


Then suddenly –  the drum beats changed to faster. Double-time. boom. boom. boom. boom. and that was the signal to GO – to jump into the hole and begin the journey. I fell down down down… A strong smell of earth all around me as I fell down the tunnel. Slowly I could see light at the bottom approaching.. and before I could think, I landed and the sound of the drum told me to keep moving. As long as I kept moving the journey (or conscious dream) would evolve..  So I took a few steps and was immediately greeted by a spirit animal guide..A wolf.  She was like a long lost friend that I hadn’t seen in many years.. We took a moment to say hello and I told her why I was here and that I needed to have my breast be healed. She understood and I followed her down a path and into a forest.

Soon we came to a creek where there was a beaver and a bear. My wolf friend told me to lie down in the creek. The animals then began to heal me. They removed my breast, pounded and kneaded in on the rock in the stream. Sang over it. Pounded it some more and washed it thoroughly in the cool clean waters. Then, when they were done, they placed a glowing yellow crystal stone inside the breast and then reattached it to me. They told me ‘all is well and healed’ and ‘not to worry anymore about it. The stone would keep it safe and healed.’

Then the drum beats changed to slower beats again.. That was the signal to head back. Feeling immense amounts of gratitude, I thanked everyone and wolf guided me back down the path to the place I had entered this magical world. I said goodbye with a big dog hug and jumped up and was lifted through the tunnel back up to the spot under the tree. And then the drum stopped and I opened my eyes.

After that I believed my breast to be be healed, and when I felt the lump I thought of the healing yellow stone. After about 5 years the lump completely dissolved.

Shamanic journeys are a magical place to do some intentional creative self healing and meet your animal spirit guides. The key to journeying is to KEEP MOVING. If you keep moving, you will go somewhere and things will happen. If you stop and start thinking and forgetting where you are.. Then you come out of the dream state and the journey stops or fades.. Starting a journey with an intention helps to keep you focused and will have the greatest benefits. Intentions of healing an ailment, a relationship, healing someone else that is in need, forgiveness or shedding darker parts of you so that you may evolve to a higher frequency.. are all worthy and and all are worth it!

Sandra Ingerman is a great resource and also has a terrific YouTube channel where you can access recording using drumming and rattles that can get you going: https://youtu.be/jDYv09xtN0k 

To find a shamanic practitioner or teacher in your local area, go here: www.shamanicteachers.com

From my heart to yours,

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