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Smile and Light Up the World!


Did you know that when you smile, even if you don’t mean it and just make your face look like its smiling, both your inner and outer life are affected in a positive way?

Think about it. Lets say I was having a depressed down moment (day, week, decade… whatever! haha..)  If I just physically ‘turn my frown upside-down’ like an actor and pretend to be positive, soon my world would begin to reflect this start to feel more positive.  Whoah. This is powerful folks. Just through a simple smile, I would  start to feel more relaxed and ‘up’! Apparently smiling releases serotonin in our brains too, adding a chemical shift to how we feel. By smiling we send out a positive message, internally as well as externally. This is one of the simplest healing practices I’ve ever come across.

Intentional smiling. To smile when you don’t feel like it.  As a healing practice. Smile, then try and smile with feeling. If you want to really spice it up add a laugh. haha!

Smiling intentionally is powerful ~ and immensely healing.  Chances are excellent too that when you smile at someone, they will smile right back at you! and tada! Double or triple the magic!


Light yourself UP ~ and your life! Smile! : )

From my heArt to yours,






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